5 Tips on the perfect Wedding Outfit.

We've all been there, sat on the bedroom floor the night before an event or your friends wedding surrounded by a big 'NO' pile of dresses you've just tried on, and kicking yourself wishing you didn't wait last minute to find an outfit! (send help!)

And now you're panicking that you're going to feel uncomfortable and self conscious in an outfit that you've rushed together. That's why I've come up with some fail safe tips so you can nail your outfit this summer!

1. Think about the context and climate.

Ok so this might be a bit of a no brainer for some, but believe me we all can get this so wrong if you don't plan ahead! Theres really nothing worse than feeling too hot or cold at a wedding of an event thats throughout the day and night, so getting as much information as possible will help you on deciding what you'll feel most comfortable in. Questions like what the weather will be like, will the venue be inside or outside, are key when I'm deciding what to wear as I love to be able to feel comfortable in my outfit throughout the day and not have to keep readjusting and refreshing from overheating in a dress thats too tight! Also another tip is to apply suncream before you go as theres nothing worse that gradually turning a shade of red throughout someones wedding, (especially doesn't bode well in the wedding pictures!)

2. Avoid experimenting with a new look.

Just because it might look good on Kendall and Kylie doesnt mean it will be a good look for me! What i've learnt over the years is that yes your body changes and sometimes you want to hide some parts of your body you feel less confident out and flaunt the ones your happy about. So wearing a new style or trend that you've never worn before might be a risk if you're not totally 100% with that style.

I tend to look for classic styles that compliment my features when photographed. So when looking for an outfit I like to find things that pull me in at the waist, have a sheer floaty or structured sleeve and don't sit tight to my frame, when I find all of these things I know that I will feel comfortable spending a day at an event and can move and sit without readjusting.

3. Think about colour palette.

Before I buy any nice dresses or occasion wear I like to make sure I can style it in with what I already have in my wardrobe. This saves me not only time so I don't have to find a whole new outfit but also money because I can restyle outfits and wear them again for another time.

I tend to stick to colour palette of pinks, neutrals, and black with always a touch of silver or gold for my accessories. This keeps my wardrobe easy to handle and means I always have a jacket or shoes to go with something! So for example, if you always wear black bags or shoes, go for a nice summer print thats got a hint of black in to pull your outfit all together, same goes for any colour!

4. Plan for an outfit change.

If you know you're going to be at an event that goes into the evening I like to bring an extra pair of shoes with me (either a wider or lower heel), and a jacket to throw over my shoulders if it gets a bit colder in the evening. This way you can give your feet a bit of a rest and carry on enjoying yourself rather than having painful feet all night and having to sit down. You'd be surprised at how much a change of shoes can help even if they're still got a heel, the change in strap and heel height really makes a difference!

5. Sunglasses.

I always bring along a pair of sunglasses to events and weddings because the last thing you want is to be squinting your eye make up off! And who doesn't look good in a pair of sunglasses! And they're practical too, especially if you know you're going to be outside all day! I normally go for a classic shape either cat-eye or round, and a neutral colour either black or metal gold/silver frames for a more formal look.