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We've all been there... your mum, nan or any elder in your family forever telling you to NOT to disastrously home dye or bleach your hair, get acrylic nails, or go out in the sun with little to none UV protection on your skin. Growing up I never really thought seriously about the consequences, and how important it is to look after the body I've got, inside and out.

Looking back I would always have my mum forcing vitamins down me and wonder what are the benefits of this, is it just to not get a cold in winter? This was true, but the thought of taking a large and horrible tasting vitamin was really not something I wanted to do everyday and kept putting off taking my supplements my mum recommended so never really saw the results that can happen when taking supplements and vitamins.

However now more than ever the vitamin and supplement market has been made so popular its hard to know whats right for you, what you should be taking and even how much you should be taking to see the benefits of these supplements. This is when I my sister introduced me to what is now my beauty best friend, Sugar Bear Hair! I always wondered if these type of supplements actually work or is it just all sugar and no vitamins? I was totally wrong! With these little bears you get all the goodness in a super yummy chewy bear! (so yummy its hard not to exceed the recommended dose of 2 gummy bears!).

Sugarbear is a nourishing formula of Biotin, Folic Acid and vitamin C for a hair vitamin complex that is designed to provide essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. This formula supports both the strength and shine for your hair and nails. Packed with all the right vitamins and minerals your body needs and no glass of water and holding your nose to get rid of the horribly tasting vitamins in sight! Also they're made without artificial sweeteners or flavours and are vegetarian, gluten, soy and cruelty free! These little bears can't do no wrong; 6 weeks in and I'm already seeing the results not only in the regained strength of my hair and nails, but also in my energy levels.

I think it's so important that if you show love to your body inside, it will always show on the outside. And I've learnt that its ok to bleach your hair, and have gel or acrylic nails, just do it in the right way and make sure you're nails and hair are still getting that nourishment it needs either by supplements, healthy eating, drinking the water your body needs, and giving myself a pamper with a face and hair mask every now and again. Let me know if you're trying Sugar Bear Hair and how you're getting on!

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