Finding your IG style.

Now before we get into the good stuff I just want to put it out there and say there is no such thing as a “perfect” Instagram feed! And I’m definitely not saying mine is perfect because I’m my biggest critic and always thinking how to improve mine.

The beauty of Instagram, and the reason why it is so successful is because of the differentiation between everyone’s accounts. I always love finding new accounts where its totally different from anything I’ve seen before, and I feel like those type of accounts are the ones that I go back to for inspiration or just to have a nosey! The point is that if everyone’s account was the same we would all be bored and never bounce off each other’s creativity.

So I’m going to share with you some little tips and tricks when finding your own creative tone within your IG feed. And help you reach to an Instagram grid you are happy and proud of!

First things first, look for inspirational accounts that you follow and aspire to! No I don’t mean just copy every picture they do, because it wont be authentic and you’ll forever be comparing your Instagram to theirs and never being truly satisfied with your posts. When I see an IG grid I like I get instant inspiration from it and it motivates me to get my grid looking better!

Look at what kind of tones you want throughout your IG feed; do you like bright and white backgrounds, monochrome, cool vibrant colours, or maybe a warm vintage feel? Looking at other accounts that you like and seeing what tones are your favourite mostly decide this as you can visualise what tones you want your feed to be.

A quick trick to get all your pictures with all the same undertone is to use the VSCO app, where they have the best filters and so many to choose from! When I first started blogging I used to use filter C4 all the time but as time went on I felt like I needed more colour so now I’ve been using A4 or A6 for a warmer undertone.

The shots above are edited using Lightroom and then with a little bit of VSCO filter A4 over the top just to keep my pictures looking all the same tone. (I will be doing a blog post on how I edit in Lightroom soon, so subscribe to my blog and I will email you so you can be the first to read it.)

I also use this on some of my story posts to keep my feed and stories looking the same. But this might be because I just love editing so much I edit anything and every picture and it always looks better with a filter, (just saying!).

I think a consecutive tone throughout your IG grid is key to getting someone to scroll through your account, and really engage in your posts. Another tip is to have a set range of shots rather than just the same pose different clothes if you know what I mean. (mirror selfie, always in the same mirror, same best side of your face kinda thing)

No I’m not saying that can’t work for some of you! As there are some girls who are killing it doing this as they always have eye-catching clothing or something their wearing to engage. But if your like me and not got time to tidy the massive mountain of clothes on your floor to make it look presentable for a mirror shot then its definitely not worthy of a mirror selfie everyday.

The best range of pictures (learning from trial and error here), is I find alternating between a full outfit picture, a flat-lay or detail picture, and then a half body shot, and then keeping this (or trying to) alternation going throughout your feed so pictures are always looking different next to each other. A good app I use to plan your feed is UNUM. This is where you can sign in through your IG account and it uploads all your posted pictures from your Instagram onto a grid. You can then upload and move around new pictures before deciding what order you’re going to upload them in. I find this really helps me visualise my next posts and helps me plan my weekly uploads.

The most important thing I have to mention is to have fun!! Don’t feel pressured into trying to make your account look better than someone else’s, the more unique and different you are, the better it will reflect your true self and in turn, you’ll get loyal followers who follow you for you not for some showy feed that no one can relate to.

I hope this has given you a few tips of how I plan and present my IG grid! Any questions please DM me on my Instagram and I will happily answer everyone!