My Summer Style Secrets.

It's the start of May and I'm currently sitting here in my UGG boots and dressing gown over my clothes as surprise surprise its freezing outside again! Hoping this bank holiday weekend I can finally break free from my jumpers and get the Pimm's and Lemonade out! It seems us Brits like to talk a lot, or should I say moan a lot about the weather. I mean who can blame us when we go through about 3 seasons every week! I find it so difficult deciding when is the time to pack my winter coats and jackets away and get my summer dresses out and find it even worse when it comes to shopping for new summer clothes when in reality the weather will never be good enough to really wear a mini dress or denim shorts in the UK without bringing some extra layers with you.

So I've come to the conclusion that summer wear is something I prefer to spend my money very wisely on. Meaning that if I see a summer dress I like I have to think of three ways of wearing it before I can justify buying it. As summer in the UK really can be any weather you can think of so potential layering is key when it come to summer style!

I recently bought two summer mini dresses from Topshop and styled one with a turtle neck jumper for extra warmth when needed, and the other with Doc Martin boots for that festival feel. I've also left some summer items I have my eye on for either Weddings, Events and some that I know will be versatile styles you can wear right through to autumn.

Dresses are all Topshop 2018.